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Skin Renue

Enjoy fresh, hydrated, and younger looking skin!

15 ml / .5 fl oz

All Headache

Proprietary, all-natural Ayurvedic aromatic blend

10 ml / .33 fl oz

All Sinus

Provides natural relief from sinus congestion.

10 ml / .33 fl oz

Muscle and Joint

Provides comfort to joint and muscle soreness.

15 ml / .5 fl oz


"Why pay extra for special glass?"

Answer: To protect quality.


MIRON violet glass – the perfect packaging for superior productsViolet Miron Glass - protects our quality essential oils

Our goal is to offer our customers essential oils with exceptional quality. With respect to ingredients, naturalness, potency, longevity and other important criteria, these violet bottles are as important to ELANVEDA as they are beautiful.

The care ELANVEDA takes in delivering the finest quality essential oil blends is reflected in its choice of this violet glass bottle, imported from Switzerland. As a customer, you should expect nothing less from those that you buy.

Plastics and other less expensive packaging materials limit our requirement for product longevity. They are not sufficiently able to protect our sensitive essential oil blends from the destructive nature of light and meet ELANVEDA's high standards for quality.

MIRON violet glass offers a unique possibility to maintain the value of our fine oils at the same high level over a longer  period or time.