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Essential Oils for Multiple Uses

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Skin Renue

Enjoy fresh, hydrated, and younger looking skin!

15 ml / .5 fl oz

All Headache

Proprietary, all-natural Ayurvedic aromatic blend

10 ml / .33 fl oz

All Sinus

Provides natural relief from sinus congestion.

10 ml / .33 fl oz

Muscle and Joint

Provides comfort to joint and muscle soreness.

15 ml / .5 fl oz


Miron® - Special Products Deserve Special Care

MIRON violet glass – the perfect packaging for superior productsViolet Miron Glass - protects our quality essential oils

Our essential oils are packaged in patented Miron® violet glass, the perfect packaging for superior products.


Why Miron violet glass?  The scientific answer is that essential oils contain volatile compounds that degrade when exposed to visible and ultraviolet light rays. Plastics and other less expensive packaging materials are not able to sufficiently protect our oils and meet our high quality standards.  While many other companies use amber or other dark glass bottles, violet glass offers the greatest protection from ultraviolet; in fact, the glass is violet because it reflects light in the violet and ultraviolet spectrum.


The simple answer is that we think our products and you deserve the extended protection and shelf life offered by Miron violet glass bottles.  Our goal is to offer you exceptional quality and Miron glass bottles are as functional as they are beautiful.  Imported from Switzerland, they cost more than plastic or amber bottles but we believe that both our products and you are worthy of the extra investment.


We think you should expect no less from any essential oil brand you buy.