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Natural Weight Loss Help is Here!


Using Triphala as part of a sensible diet plan, Natural Weight Loss is possible. This Ayurvedic medicinal blend of herbs and fruits have been known to rejuvenate and detoxify the body, improve liver function, cleanse the colon, purify the blood, aid in improving cholesterol and help the digestive tract work at an optimum level.


We live in a world that is moving faster every day.  Unfortunately that technology brings with it harmful toxins in the air, in our food and in our drinking water.thin woman on diet jumping with joy  When these toxins build up in our systems it can make us feel unbalanced, tired, and not as healthy as we would like. This buildup can represent itself through a number of symptoms such as weight gain, poor digestion, bronchial congestion, headaches, and muscle aches that are often written off as being tired or run down.


This is why we have created Triphala - a healthy, all vegan, natural detoxifier that will help you feel your best.


This Ayurvedic remedy is intended to return balance to your body by using natural ingredients to flush out the buildup of toxins, regulate your system and return your body to its peak performance. Our specially formulated supplement uses a traditional Ayurvedic combination of Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki.


  • Amalaki is a fruit, commonly known as Indian Gooseberry.  It is a mostly sour fruit, but it has many alkaline properties that allow it to be used as anantacid.  The unique properties of Amalaki allows it to facilitate the absorption of iron, regulate blood glucose levels, reduce high blood pressure, and help to ease the pain of gastrointestinal ailments such as gastritis.
  • Bibhitaki is used for a number of intestinal ailments.  Bibhitaki is used commonly as a laxative, but has the dual quality of also being an astringent. It promotes healthy bowels and nutrition absorption by ensuring a healthy digestive tract. It tones the tissues while acting as a mild and non-addictive laxative. Bibhitaki also has a positive effect on the lungs and urinary tract.
  • Haritaki is also known as an adaptogen and hepatoprotective drug, Haritaki is useful in treating poor appetite, digestive ailments, anemia, and a range of other symptoms. This powerful fruit is a vital element in the Ayurvedic remedy, Triphala.


This traditional Ayurvedic remedy is great for balancing out the three humors discussed in Ayurvedic teachings.  This blend also supports healthy digestion and absorption. It nourishes and rejuvenates the digestive tissues, promotes internal cleansing, and contains one of the highest natural sources of vitamin C.


We believe that balance should be present on the outside of the body as well as in.  This is why all of ELANVEDA capsules are vegan and 100% natural.  Our capsules do not contain any gelatin, fillers or synthetic materials.


Quantity: 60 Capsules • 450 mg each




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